Aqua Drop is a remarkable innovation by Schmincke featuring, intense, liquid pigment-based transparent watercolour which enables artists to work directly and discover new and exciting ways to apply watercolour to their artwork. They are ideal for watercolour painting, calligraphy, urban sketching, hand lettering and airbrush techniques and suitable for brush or pen application. All the colours can be mixed with existing watercolours for combined effects. Aqua Drop is unique because it's binder is Gum Arabic and not Acrylic, so it behaves like watercolour should! Available also, is the re-fillable Aqua Drop Liner which can be filled directly from the bottles or premixed and expands the portability and potential of this medium for field sketching.

The complete colour range includes 24 cadmium-free transparent colours and an Opaque White for mixing and highlights, which is especially good for working on toned paper. The lightfastness rating is 4 to 5 Stars with 13 single pigment shades for clean mixing. Colours are available in 30ml recyclable plastic pipette bottles with a ball to easily shake the colour.