Parkers Custom Stretching Service

Parkers Custom Stretching Service


Parkers Custom Canvas, Linen and Artwork stretching service has been trusted by artists and collectors for over a century since we began in 1918. Our passion for sourcing only the finest materials and a commitment to the most professional and friendly customer service will guarantee the perfect stretched canvas for you, every time.


Our range of choice is unmatched with 11 different Stretcher style options and up to 70 Linen and Canvas options. This vast range offers the artist the most extensive selection from which to find the perfect surface to explore their creative ideas.


The delicate stretching of an existing artwork is a bespoke service that professional artists, commercial galleries, museums and corporate clients continue to entrust to our professional team daily. We specialise in stretching Indigenous artworks, digital prints, in fact all types of artworks in any size and format. Be assured that after 100 years trusted by artists Australia wide, our commitment to ensuring you receive the perfectly stretched artwork, ready for hanging is foremost to us.


A well stretched canvas or artwork begins with the perfect support. We take the guesswork out of this by only offering the most superior timber stretchers available, carefully created by dedicated stretcher manufacturers committed to sourcing premium, certified sustainably grown Hard Wood, Pine and Cedar timbers. Where available the stretchers utilise laminated and finger-jointed timber which ensures an extremely straight and strong bar that is highly resistant to warping or twisting. Perfect for the longevity of your artwork on the wall. These timber bars are available in a variety of depths and widths to find the perfect solution for your needs. Apart from traditional timber we also offer a very modern alternative in the exclusive MUSEO Aluminium Stretcher bar system. Becoming extremely popular for its strength and stability, this stretcher bar is guaranteed not to warp and is the ideal solution for larger canvas dimensions. A combination of aluminium structure with inlaid timber crown combines traditional form with modern function.


Do not let lack of choice hamper your creativity. Find your new favourite at Parkers and explore the effects that can be created with different surface finishes and exciting textural weaves. From glassy smooth to the boldest of textures it is just a case of having the options that we can offer. Our vast range of fabric is sourced from around the world. Belgian, French, Dutch, Italian, Indian and Australian Linens, Cottons and Polyesters are available for your choice in a vast variety of surface textures and price ranges. Complimenting this choice, the surface finishes available extend to Oil and Acrylic primed, Traditional Gesso primed and Clear Glue and Acrylic Sized, as well as many Loomstate varieties. Most styles are available in the standard 2 metre widths with some 3 metre widths available. All these options simply mean that you can guarantee that you will find the perfect surface for your art. Now it is up to you to get creating.


It is really all about options. Our professional team is keen to discuss the best solution for your stretcher needs. Please contact us by phone, email or simply pop into any of our stores or drop us a note from the website. We will be in touch to assist you shortly after.

Phone: The Historic Rocks store - 02-9247-9979 or our Redfern Workshop - 02-9698-8591