Covid-19 Workplace Compliance

Parkers Sydney Fine Art Supplies Updated Covid-19 Guidelines

Parkers Management has made the decision, in the interest of the well-being of our staff and customers, to continue the previous guidelines for Covid-19 Safety in the workplace and retail premises.

This includes:

  • the continued requirement for masks to be worn in all our stores. 
  • proof of double vaccination prior to entry.
  • enforcement of the 1.5 metre social distancing guidelines.

We appreciate your understanding of our decision in maintaining a safe workplace for our dedicated staff and a safe shopping experience for our valued customers.

The NSW Government website has offered this information for business owners.

"...Occupiers of premises
Some premises may choose to require people to be fully vaccinated as a condition of entry.
It is a matter for the occupier of each premises to exercise judgement on what is appropriate for their premises and the well-being of their staff and customers. If you want to enter premises where an occupier has chosen to require you to be fully vaccinated, the occupier may ask to see your vaccination evidence. You do not have to show the occupier your vaccination evidence, but if you do not, the occupier may not let you in..."

For further information please view the information at this LINK.